What I Do on Summer Break!

I went on a creative kick in the last couple days. May I share?

Firstly, after reorganizing the bedroom, it felt kind of empty. I try to do a painting at least twice a year and was feeling girly so I came up with this little number.

Pretty Lady
Pretty Lady

It’s acrylic on previously used canvas. I was short on paint so let the original colors bleed through to give depth and texture. I really prefer abstract art so went with the alternative skin color and no face. Skin tone and facial features are some of the hardest aspects of portraiture to get right so for me going abstract was win-win!

While neatening up I remembered my necklaces were seriously overflowing and tangled together too. Thrift shops tend to put their jewelry in little baggies for sale. I thought that would be perfect to keep them separate but visible but am too cheap to buy any PLUS I actually use a plastic shoe hanger that is hung from the back of the door so there’s no posts on which to hang the baggies. My solution uses the snack sized ziplock baggies, a hole puncher, scissors, and twine.

What I ended up doing is cutting the baggies in two. Some I cut in half, others I cut with one side bigger than the other for bigger or smaller sized necklaces. Than I turned the cut side to the top and punched holes on both upper corners. To give the baggies something to hang from, I tied each end of an appropriately sized piece of twine into one of the holes in the baggy.

I feel like the aesthetics on my craft is questionable but here’s how it looked when I hung the necklaces up.

My necklaces with belts hanging behind.
My necklaces with belts hanging behind.

I’d love see what improvements ya’ll can come up with!



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