Sunset on the Oregon coast.
Sunset on the Oregon coast.

Isn’t that an amazing picture? I took it during a weekend trip to the Oregon coast.

The break was really nice. We sat a lot and talked a lot. Most of us did a lot of staring into the horizon (except for my brother-in-law who goes on freakishly long walks).

Sure I love looking at beautiful scenery but I look forward to these trips because the downtime gives an opportunity for introspection as well. I always pack some kind of self improvement book in my reading bag to keep a balance between more structured contemplation and just letting my mind wander. For this trip I brought “The Laws of Lifetime Growth” by Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura.


First of all, at 109 little pages, it’s a perfect vacation sized read. I also like that the writing is down to earth with practical examples of these “laws of lifetime growth”. Some of my favorite laws are: make your future bigger than your past, make your contribution bigger than your reward, make your performance greater than your applause, and make your gratitude greater than your success. Sompong Yusoontorn’s slides summarize all the laws along with beautifully inspiring pictures.

The laws are general enough that they can be applied to most anyone’s circumstance and comfort level. The authors emphasize continuing to grow from what you are now rather than reaching for an unreasonable goal.

We can all remember when we’ve given up worthwhile efforts because no one really cares anyway or we might even had gotten a negative reaction but the chapter comparing performance vs. applause encourages doing ones best regardless of recognition received.

I also like a sentence in the gratitude vs success chapter, “What we appreciate appreciates”. Recognizing others value and efforts can create a whole new reality which benefits everyone.

As you can see by the labels on the book, this one is from the library. The library is a great resource for getting a taste for a book; you can always buy it later if you want it for reference. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for but want to think more deeply about your own thinking, go to the library and peruse the non-fiction section with 158 on the label. That’s the the personal improvement section.

Check out your library's section 158 and all the other sections too!
Check out your library’s section 158 and all the other sections too!

Summer is almost over. Grab a good read and come join me on the porch!


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