Free Education for your Listening Pleasure


Ever wish you understood the world better?
Maybe you feel unmotivated or uninspired?
Want ideas on what to call the husband of a female president?

Podcasts are the answer!

Podcasts are like a radio talk show where you subscribe and listen through an app like iTunes or Stitcher. A host and guests and/or co-hosts have a overall theme (health, style, politics) which is taught progressively or discussed as different topics of the week. It’s great since the shows can be listened to on-demand and are exactly what you want to learn about at that moment.

I love podcasts.

On my walks, I listen to health or self improvement podcasts.
On the drive home, after a long day, I listen to a fun but informational podcast.
So many podcasts…so little time.

And yet not all are created equal.

Some hosts may annoy.
Maybe their information seems to lack basis.
Or it could just be the sound quality.

In any case, I’ve listed a few podcasts I listen to regularly and enjoy.

I hope you do too!

The Model Health Show
Shawn Stevenson and his producer Jade Harrell along with visiting guests discuss a wide variety of topics in health and fitness. Despite his slightly…bombastic (sorry Shawn!) podcast cover photo, I love Shawns warmth, expertise, and obvious imageexperience working with real people with real health issues. He is realistically motivating; I always feel inspired after listening (or maybe it’s the Vitamin D from my walk).
And the amazing file folder of pop culture references in his head is hilarious.

Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness Project and Better than Before, and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, a TV writer and producer, discuss strategies that just make life better.
The strategies range from Gretchens’ suggestion of getting, and subsequent euphoria image

over, a toilet paper stand when bathroom space is at a premium to how recognizing the four “tendencies” of people can help with communication and getting stuff done plus so much else.
They are both very open about how they don’t do everything they should but I feel like their ideas are super useful and they’re just a fun listen.


A Way with Words

This is a language nerd show and I love it.


Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett co-host and, for the most part, people call in and ask for the origin of a word or phrase, why grammar has been set up a certain way, “is there a word for…?”, along with so many different other language topics.
They seem to have a database at their console but the database in their heads is truly astounding.
I’ve become even more aware of the depth and flexibility in language even while being super entertained. (By the way, the show shared one idea given by someone in the U.K for the title of the husband of the president. It was “The First Laddie”.)

Well, I think I going to stop for now but keep an eye out for a part two on this because there are some absolute treasures of knowledge out there.

Podcasts are a free and tremendous resource; I know you’ll find one that benefits your own life. If you have a favorite, I hope you share below!

Take care!

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