Experimenting with Clean Beauty

They could have been experiments gone wrong.

Like Frankenstein’s monster, they could have been scary and out of control.
Understand, I’m not saying the sugar and “guacamole” mask weren’t all over the place.
And I’m not saying we did look a wee bit scary with chocolate pudding’s dupe smeared across our faces ( it’s funny how I can’t find those photos…)
Experimenting is messy; yet these experiments were surprisingly effective!

imageThe Web has no shortage of recipes and ideas for DIY beauty treatments but I came across a book called The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best Kept Secrets in your Kitchen  by Alexis Wolfer .

I love Alexis’ take because the treatment recipes are divided into treatment categories (for example, acne, fine lines, under eye circles) and then on the treatment recipes corresponding
pageshe’s suggests meal recipes using ingredients that help that same problem from the inside out. image


Mr. Fish was surely as mystified as any other boy looking on.

This was just a small party of some girls in my family so we kept things pretty casual.
Each of us brought ingredients we wanted to use but that could also be shared. We also brought containers in which to take home our new creations. Headbands, bowls, spoons, extra towels, wine, and chocolate were also handy…actually kinda required!


My mom and my main interests were moisturizing masks so we played with yogurt, uncooked oatmeal, avocado, honey, and cocoa primarily.


I REALLY liked the cocoa, yogurt, honey, oatmeal combo. My skin felt soft and glowing afterwards.
Just a note: some people put the uncooked oatmeal flakes into the mixture. I would suggest grinding them into a powder first. It’s less clumpy and becomes more of a face mask/paste.
My mom tried an egg white mask that, for her dry skin, didn’t feel good but she loved the avocado mask and has since also tried the cocoa mask to good effect.

My sister and niece were interested in doing scrubs. Together we made a sugar/cinnamon/nutmeg/coconut oil scrub and a citrus/Jojoba oil/coconut oil scrub; both of which we all really liked. My niece tried the scrub on her face before applying the cocoa mask and I’ve been using the scrubs on my dry, winter hands.

All in all, it was a fun group effort where we had laughs and something to take home with us and enjoy for at least a month afterward.
All the ingredients were simple, cheap, very customizable, and reasonably chemical free; just Google your particular skin issue (or get Alexis’ book) to find out the right ingredients for you and then go crazy!
Best of all, they did actually work! I’ve been using the cocoa mask a couple times a week and really enjoy it. The cinnamon scrub is next to my bathroom sink for use just before bed.

So get into clean beauty and then send me your pics (if you dare) and your ideas!

Take care!


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