Ideas for A Happy Winter


Because of the general dissatisfaction in our current cold and /or rainy weather, many of us make like a bear and hibernate during the winter months in front of Netflix.
“Huh? Bear in front of Netflix??”
Don’t be smart. You and I both know Netflix is the plan tonight. Unless you try these ideas.
Actually who am I to say Or? I say take a look and make it an And. Enjoy!

Embrace the Outdoors Comfortably

Unless it’s actually too icy to walk, I make it a point to walk outside almost every day. As I talked about in my walking blog post awhile back, being prepared with some decent shoes and an umbrella allows me to get at least a short walk in during down time between jobs when I’m away from home all day. However, when I’m at home and I can get on some proper layers, I make time for at least a 30 minute jaunt around the neighborhood.

Don’t be deterred by the rain or cold; in my area, it’s been between 40-45 degrees and rainy. I wear a baseball cap and a big weather proof rain coat with the hood over the cap. Under the coat, I wear a thin, moisture wicking top and with the heat generated by movement I stay very comfortable.
I’m not gonna lie; I do get damp but it’s so invigorating! And even if it’s rainy, the sunlight gives me energy. Yay Vitamin D!
Whether you listen to your tunes or a podcast (like I do), I can’t recommend getting outside more, more.

Heart Books Again

imageWhen I was a kid, my record for reading was four Nancy Drews in one day. But one grows up, gets busy with other things. Things like work, family, and eventually the Internet and aforementioned Netflix.
In the last couple years, I’ve noticed myself having waaay too much screen time. This winter, I’ve weaned myself from surfing or watching any device down to four nights a week.
Truthfully, I was kinda at a loss the first couple weeks during those three unplugged nights. Then I started pulling out my books, fiction and non-fiction, that I’ve loved and kept.
So relaxing! (In fact, reading without the light generated from a device helps ready the body for sleeping. Something to consider if you’re having problems in that area.)
I still enjoy my T.V. and movies but they’re more of a treat and I also look forward to my super relaxing no-screen nights.
If you’re not sure what books suit you, my library has online suggestions based on what you like (mysteries, romance, funny, satire). Also, your friendly neighborhood librarian is an awesome resource. Just let her know what you’ve liked in the past and she’ll find you something great!

..and My Secret Stay-Awake Weapon
My only problem with reading when it’s dark outside is it made me. So. Sleepy.
imageOh my word, I was like, “6:00?? Seriously?” That is until I got a HappyLight. Sounds silly but, wow, it totally works in keeping me awake and active when it gets dark at 4:00.
If S.A.D. is an issue for you, there are many different light box options at different price points. Try one!

Throw a Pawty!
We have to go to work, store, school, or errands regardless of the weather but when it come to a social event, we might beg off.
I feel ya’.
Let’s compromise. How about being involved, either throwing or attending, one party a month? You will feel better…
I’m all for theme parties during winter.
Oscar Night, ladies? Here’s a tiara for each of you!

My friends chocolate TIE fighters and Falcon
My friends chocolate TIE fighters and Falcon

Cooking party? Let’s each make something different and delicious from carrots!
My friend recently threw a Star Wars party in honor of the upcoming movie The Force Awakens. So fun!

I guess my final suggestion is embrace these Winter months. They can be a time of self reflection, creativity, and warmth.

Enjoy! And take care.



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