video What is Your Life’s Cost-Per-Wear?


Many fashionistas and/or value oriented consumers are familiar with the term Cost-Per-Wear. The idea is to divide the cost of something by how often the item is used to determine it’s true value. For example if a coat is $400 one might feel it’s too expensive unless its worn 400 times, then it’s only a dollar each time you wear it. In contrast, a dress may also be $400 but if you just wear it once the cost is $400 per use, thereby making it less of a value.
In a way, our lives also have a cost or occasions that deplete us. We may have work we don’t love, heartbreak, loved ones who die, and disappointments.
This is the cost of living that everyone pays. Sorry to be a downer.
So what does Cost-Per-Wear have to do with this sad reality?
Remember the value of any item only increases if it’s of use. We know our lives have a cost but how often are we of use?
Every time we support a friend (or stranger!), we are of use and our value increases. Every time we share a new thought, perspective, or idea, we are of use. Every time we help others, we are of use.
With each positive use of our life, we diminish the negative costs of life that must be paid regardless.

We spend hours re-searching which tablet, car, and pair of boots are the best value. Isn’t it time to do some soul-searching and find a way to show more value in our own lives?
Just a thought.

Take care. And take care of each other.

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