Winter Cheer on a Budget

Want to celebrate and liven up these dark, cold months but looking to do it sans (at least overt) holiday influence?

Me too but after checking out Pinterest’s huge, though awesome, trove
of ideas I was overwhelmed. Here are some ideas I’ve gleaned for easy, AND awesome, winter decorating; they should only take you an hour at the most.

Twinkle Lights/Candles– Winter in my part of the U.S is dark. In our own minds we tell ourselves, “Embrace Winter! You’ll miss it when it’s 90 next summer! Winter is cozy!” But I’m telling you, without the indirect lighting that candles and smaller sources of light provide, winter is not cozy; it’s just dreary.

My “atmospheric” lights are set up all year round but especially used in the winter. I have string lights around my plants, clustered on a plant stand and some more around my arched window. I also have a salt lamp and a small regular candle set out along with two lamps.

Scented Pinecones– Despite their pokey qualities, pinecones have a friendly vibe that you can display with good effect encapsulated in a clear vase. Adding scent to pinecones lets you enjoy them using an additional sense. If scented, I set them in the open so they can be enjoyed more fully. There are more scent options than you might think; look for sampler kits of winter essential oils if you’re not sure what you like.


Glamour Fruits– These glitter covered plastic fruits are just sparkly happiness. Setting out fruits and veg as decoration is as old as I don’t know what but adding glitter adds a bit of fun sadly lacking during winter doldrums. It’s also very economical requiring only dollar store plastic fruit and glitter spray.

I like placing them on a reflective tray or surface; the bounce of light rewards you with double the sparkle.

Yay for Winter! Twinkle lights, cinnamon, and sparkle are just not as awesome in August. Enjoy embracing them this season!


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