Help for the Ailing


Wondering what to bring to or do for an ailing loved one or someone on the mend? Don’t hold back showing your concern;  here are some things to consider:

OFFER TO PICK UP MEDICINES OR SUPPLIES- Spare your loved one the misery of hanging around the store while not feeling well by letting
them stay/go home to rest. Pharmacy lines seem to be getting longer and slower. Usually you’ll just need to give the ill persons name and possibly birthdate.

TREATS ARE GREAT BUT SUSTENANCE IS BEST-Sweets seem to be the go-to gift when a person isn’t feeling well, and they are delicious, but if you want to bring food you might consider food that helps them heal. Soups or brightly colored vege’s and fruits contain vitamin C, K, and A that helps the body heal are tasty and recuperative. I suppose dark chocolate counts but this article on Simple Bites has lots of other great food ideas as well as what to consider when planning your food gift.

BRING ON THE BALLOONS!- I think most people want to show their concern but just aren’t prepared, time or money-wise to cook up a full meal. Healthy snacks are an option but sickie needs to be emotioimagenally well nourished as well as physically and a cheerful balloon, colorful flowers, or a great card are all fantastic and thrifty options. These can be displayed in sight of the sick bed reminding your loved one of your well wishes.

If you have more time than money, doing errands, light cleaning, or, as the Simple Bites website suggested, offering to care for the kids would likely be much appreciated.

BE AWARE- Before you visit you might want to mention you just ate (even if you didn’t! 😉 so that the sickie doesn’t feel the need to set up teas and cookies. Relative to that, come up with a topic for conversation. The sickie might love a visit but not be prepared to carry the conversational ball.

VIRTUAL HUGS COUNT TOO- Personal visits are great but you may just not have it in your schedule or your loved one might just be feeling to crummy or too ugly to agree to one. Cheerful, caring texts are a good alternative. They can be responded to at any time and show your loved one you haven’t forgotten about them. E-cards are also fun and often free. Justwink is an app that I recently found and am enjoying.

Anyone who’s ever been laid up knows it can be pretty miserable. You may think your thoughts or efforts to help or cheer are insignificant but they aren’t. Let’s take care of each other.


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