aside What to Watch on YouTube

Wa-hoo! It’s almost the weekend and time to spend more time than I should looking at Youtube videos. Below are a listing of channels I recommend ranging from pure fluff to thought provoking awesomeness.

Hope you enjoy!


All That Glitters21

Elle Fowlers channel is pretty fluffy but when i feel the doldrums begin to overtake, I watch her and get reinspired to pluck my eyebrows, light a candle, and apply a face mask. She doesn’t vent her personal drama; everything she presents is pretty and polished creating a lovely environment. Ahhhh…


Sidne Summer

I’ve only recently begun to watch Sidne but love her channel for her straightforward tips on how to wear current trends. She address the trends alphabetically beginning new each year. So far this year she’s discussed the Athletic wear and Button down shirt trend along with the Crop top.


Fashion with Evelina

Sweet Evelina Barry is from Moldova and is awesome. She is super cute and inspirational in her style but is also super practical. A couple of my fav’s from a while back are How to Look Slim in Photos and Walk in Heels with NO PAIN.


A Fab Life

Leah and Mary are home and fashion stylists and are energetic and creative and talented; plus they’re just fun to watch. They rely on inguinity and style to make amazing rooms, accessories, etc, etc.


Simple DIYs

The pieces Julia on Simple DIYs helps us create are truly simple, as in unintimidating, but they’re fun and look great. And it’s not just one kind of DIY; she explains jewelry, clothes, and home wares. As of this posting she’s in the midst of a series called Pinterest True or Fail. Good idea!



Vlogbrothers was created by actual brothers John and Hank Green. Hank has a Masters in Environmental Studies and is a musician (check this out for a playlist of his crazy songs…look for the translating dance one!!). John has a double major in English and Religious Studies and has written two best selling novels. But I love them because of their exploration of a huge array of topics from The Great Goose Migration to Should We Raise the Minimum Wage to Understanding Ukraine. They’re always thought provoking, in an entertaining way, and stimulate me to dig deeper. They also host a series of educational videos called Crash Course.


ASAP Science

This channel is pure science but is short, usually under three minutes, and is explained by colorful drawings on a whiteboard. The topics range from Why Do I Get Nervous to What If I Stopped Drinking Water. The guys answer questions I never even considered…I love it!

Whew! I feel like there’s a lot here but I hope I’ve opened at least something new and cool for you. Please let me know any I should have included!



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