Oh, never mind….











Eh, what are you gonna do?

Every spring is a bob and weave of downpours and sun but I still want to get the ball rolling with a bit of preparation for outside planting (wow…how’s that for mixed metaphors!) Even a couple of months back I was feeling the itch when I bought some peat/soil pellets for seed germination. They’ve been looking at me from the kitchen counter ever since and I’ve decided now tis the right time to begin. image The pellet box directions suggests hydrating the pellets to be used in a tray but I don’t want to do that so am putting each kind of seed in an individual cup. This year the chosen seeds are mustard greens, basil, cosmos (flower), and mixed kinds of lettuce. image imageimage



I started out drizzling warm water onto the pellet and within seconds it was three times it’s previous size.











Plants will drown if they’re constantly in standing water so, once the pellet is soaked, puncture a few holes in the bottom of the cup and drain the excess water.




That was quick! My seeds are ready to be sown in their new home. I thought I could kinda tuck the seeds into the peat but it is was pretty immovable so I ended up placing the seeds on top of the “peat plug” and then sprinkling some planting soil on top.


The directions for the pellets said to plant the seeds to a specific depth but seeds vary as to how much soil should cover them; follow the directions of the seed envelope rather than the pellet box. The seeds need as much sunlight as possible so I cut down the sides of the cup to soil level.image









To create a mini greenhouse I put my little starters into a large, clear baggy. The plants obviously need the sun but the protection of the baggy will keep it warm even if you let the plants outside during a typical sunny, yet chilly, spring day.


Simply fold the bag closed loosely instead of sealing it to maintain the starters humidity while giving it some airflow.

Weeeee! Now it’s just a matter of keeping the peat plugs moist…uh oh. Well, I’ll try my best to not kill them.

The pellet box says the plants are ready when the starters roots are visible growing from the bottom of the plug. Apparently, that runs six to eight weeks.

I can’t wait!


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