Curvy Girl Style- Spring ’14

Oh my word.

I went a bit crazy with the thrift shopping recently…wanna see??

I won’t bore you with everything, count yourself thankful, but will show the tops I most like, especially for me as a curvy girl. Each item was less than $10, almost all less than $5 ( I love thrifting. See this previous post on what to expect if you’re unfamiliar with its joys).

imageThis season is supposed to be big on embellishment and I like this top because of the Indian feel from the fabric pattern and slight gold sheen. The way it’s cut, ever so slightly, under the bust gives me shape but the top is still super comfy.



Jewel tones are always part of my go-to colors. The color plus the bling of shine feels luxurious and immediately attracted me. Though I’m not crazy about synthetic fabric, I like this one because of the stretch it allows. It’s fitted, which is definitely more flattering for curves, but I’ll have to remember to stand up straight or my less likable curves will show and that’s no bueno.

imageI have to say this outfit is one of my super favorites. My sister and her family went to Latvia awhile back and by special request brought me back this t-shirt from its capitol city Riga. The jacket is from Goodwill. It’s hard to see but it’s kind of tweedy fabric with silver metallic threads woven throughout. This look actually incorporates three of this seasons trends. The combination of collarless jacket, metallic highlights, and logo shirt makes it feel fun but still put together. I also like how the jacket, with its teensiest of shoulder padding, helps my lack of natural shoulder padding.

imageThis shirt will absolutely be in regular rotation with its dark bronze (good for interpreting because of the color contrast with my skin) and easy fit. The layers are flattering and the fabric also has bits of gold that adds currency and just general awesomeness. Just a note and an opinion: some ladies who are well endowed are tempted to show more shape by way of cleavage. Resist that urge…especially at work. A subtle tank will will cover the girls while not detracting from your style.

imageAnd finally the jacket. It’s a piece that I don’t know is especially “on trend” but it’s amazingly flattering for curvy girls. The show What Not to Wear suggested it because it “locks and loads” your torso creating a more beautiful shape (click here for my previous post highlighting other WNTW suggestions). Plus, with its beautiful coral color I just had to have it. Tres springy, no?

I’m on a self imposed shopping ban for a lil while myself but I hope you’ve gained some ideas on what to look for on your own shopping adventure.

Happy hunting!


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