aside What Do You Want?


We humans are generally aspirational creatures and, if you’re anything like me, have lists, pictures, and schedules of what we would like to be or do.

I recently came across an idea in the goal setting arena that especially struck me. It’s not new or crazy or anything but I think it’s rather…profound.


Is confusingly simple, no?

Instead of wasting time wishing or planning or visualizing just DO it (no copyright infringement intended).

You want love? Love.

You want to be educated? Learn.

You want to be a good parent? Parent with love and discipline.

You want to be creative? Create.

You want to be healthy? Live healthily by eating nutritious foods and moving.

You want to speak French? Speak French.

This idea is actually kind of encouraging because not only does it help one figure out what direction to go but if you are already doing what you want to be, you’ve already succeeded (good job!) and can just progress from there.

So does that mean if one wants to be a world traveller but has debt and three kids she’s doomed to disappointment?

All of us have obligations and/or limitations. Sometimes that sucks. But the good news is that both a part time plumber and a full time plumber are called plumbers; DO what you can.

If you can’t physically be a world traveller, go to the library and get travel DVDs, cook ethnic foods, volunteer with organizations that help immigrants. Gain a wide world view.

If you can’t go back to school, take advantage of work training programs, tell your boss you’re interested in learning more or get an audiobook on the subject and apply what you learn on the job.

You get the idea. DO what you want.

So what DO you want?




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