Joys of an Indoor Winter

Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s miserable.

Now that we’ve acknowledged that, it’s time for the fun stuff we can do!

First off I have two words for you…Group On. Yeah, it is actually one word but Living Social isn’t and either one is awesome when looking for something to give life to this darkness that makes us want to go to bed at 4:30.


Last week I checked out a Wine and Canvas event using one one of the aforementioned discount websites and I have to say, it was pretty fun! You can register as an individual or with others and they supply the canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, and aprons. It generally costs $34 but I only paid $17 with the discount.

Canvas just waiting for the creative spark!
Canvas just waiting for the creative spark!

We were at a Mexican restaurant and lots of people ordered drinks and food but there was practically no room on the tables and I didn’t want to confuse my dirty paint water with a drink so refrained and didn’t feel weird about it at all.


They had an instructor with a painting we were all supposed to duplicate ( the painting not the instructor…although she was very nice) but I must admit that since she barely gave any instruction I felt free to add my own artistic embellishments.

I was so into the process, I didn't remember to take a pic til I was two-thirds done!
I was so into the process, I didn’t remember to take a pic til I was two-thirds done!                And ta-da..!

I loved seeing the variety all brought to the table in their version of the “Crazy Flowers” piece and hearing the jokes and singing along of the background music. I came alone thinking it was actually more of a class but coming with friends would be super fun.

Final product!
Final product!

I spied another offering today on Groupon that teaches how to make homemade wine ( a la Miss Marples’ elderberry wine) or beer. Wine making may very we’ll be in my future; let me know if it’s worth it!


The other thing I’ve been loving is slightly pathetic but I love it!

Who doesn’t love a the crackle of a roaring fire? You too can enjoy this relaxing sound mess free and wherever you are by going to Netflix and loading up Fireplace for your Home.

Crackle, pop, crackle...
Crackle, pop, crackle…

It has three episodes. One with holiday music, one just with the crackle and pop, and the third with neutral instrumental music. I go for the second and I tell you it’s heavenly hearing, what I think of, as the sounds of winter in the background as I read, write, or Pinterest.

Just a couple ideas as we look forward to the coming months of cold darkness.

What are your go-to’s for winter doldrums?