Booyah Breakfast


Mmmmmm, what’s better than the smell of breakfast potatoes on a lazy morning? Even those who’d just as soon have coffee until noon will be converted by my nutritious, nummy version.

Remembering childhood breakfasts eating my dad’s comforting, greasy, and delicious potatoes I wanted to have the same experience while feeling reasonably virtuous so I made the switch from russet potatoes to sweet potatoes and added some other good stuff (I’ve made a list of basic ingredients at the bottom of the post).


Cooking up the potatoes is far from the first step though. I put lots of garlic in this dish, which is awesome for health but the cooking process reduces the benefit so I start by chopping up the garlic and letting it sit. This gives it an opportunity to increase its internal goodness before I start breaking it down again. Cooking the garlic will also greatly reduce its stink factor.

Then I put the pan on a medium hot stove. I usually use a not-stick pan but if I’m not at my place I will use whatever’s on hand. Heads up, if you like crispy bits on your potatoes, a stainless steel pan is the way to go. Non-stick is good for easy cleanup but lacks in crisping potential.

If I’m cooking for a group open to indulgence I start with thick cut bacon (cue angels singing..). Not only is it a muy deliciouso side but I can use the drippings for cooking the potatoes. Paleo type eaters may be all good with bacon and I am too but I usually go with coconut oil. It adds a sweetness that I love but really one could go with whatever is in the pantry.


With the oil in the pan, I slice the onions. Putting them single layer into the oil allows for optimal browning (the flavor’s in the brown!). While the onions are on, I thinly slice the sweet potatoes. I used to cut them in cubes but I noticed they took longer to cook, increasing mushiness.

By this time the onions should be about ready (browned but not crispy) so I put in the sliced potatoes and garlic (don’t put the garlic in earlier or it may burn which equals unhappiness).


The seasoning is totally to individual taste. I’ve used Lawry’s seasoning salt in the past but I’m currently totally gaa-gaa over a mesquite seasoning from Costco. The smokiness adds such savory flavor; you’ll flip. If it’s not at your local Costco you can find it online here.

Anyway, after adding the seasonings I use a spatula to mix it all and then put a lid on the pan. I also reduce the tempture to 3 or 4. Give the (untouched!) covered pan 15 minutes or so and head back to the couch or finish making your bed.

I added kale this time which requires longer cook time.
I added kale this time which requires longer cook time.

Once the aroma from the potatoes starts it can be de-lidded. I add fresh spinach at this point. Spinach wilts pretty quickly but if it’s frozen or a heartier green, I would put it in earlier when the lid will still help it steam. I also test the potatoes for doneness. They’re hopefully soft but not mush. If all’s well I turn up the heat to 7 or 8 to brown the potatoes and get rid of any lingering moisture. Stir with a spatula to incorporate the greens but not too much as it will break up the potato slices and nobody likes a break up.


Wa-hoo! Your breakfast is ready. Serve with eggs over easy on top and I call that a perfect breakfast.

Enjoy on an upcoming day of leisure and take care.

Oil of choice
Sweet Potatoes/Yams
Seasoning of choice-At least salt and pepper but just smell what you have in the cupboard. Celery salt? Chipotle?
Bacon (optional)

Add other veges as you will. I’ve incorporated sliced broccoli stalks, cauliflower, zucchini, etc the same time as the potatoes with much success. Go crazy!


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