What I Learned from WNTW


The television program What Not to Wear just ended 10 years of motivating and educational episodes and I’m sad.

I suppose some people haven’t heard of the series so here’s the deal. The two super fashionable hosts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, are introduced to the fashionably clueless by their friends and family. Throughout the coming week the participant is basically broken down with mockery and disposal of all their clothes. Now, understand, what they call the “contributor” has agreed to this and to obey all the style rules set out by Stacy and Clinton in exchange for a $5,000 credit card. The contributor is then sent out to shop alone for one day to see how they obey the rules and then are joined and helped by Stacy and Clinton on the second day. Shopping is followed by a new haircut and color and a makeup session/tutorial. It all climaxes with the final reveal as the contributor shows off their new image complete with clothes, hair, and makeup.

This synopsis makes the show seem kinda painful, and in parts it is, but overall the show is really touching and inspiring. There are a lot of tears but what I appreciate is the epiphanies the participants eventually have and how much brighter they feel about themselves and life in general.

Recently, ABC did an interview with Stacy and Clinton including their timeless tips for style.


-Wear a jacket. It pulls an outfit together.


-Dark washed jeans will always look more pulled together than light washed and tend to be more slimming.


-Create a waist. (In the shows they did this by having a seam or a belt at the smallest part of the waist.)

They also suggested multiple times throughout the years to include some kind of texture, pattern, color, and shine in ones outfit.

Nicely done, ladies!
Nicely done, ladies!

In addition, lessons I remember most are…

-Cut is more important than pattern or color. Don’t just wear black or avoid florals, etc; focus on how the dress shapes your body.

-If the clothes don’t fit well it’s not your fault; it’s just not the right cut/size for you. Alter it or move on to a shape that does. Don’t let clothes make you feel bad about yourself.


-Buy clothes for the bod you have now. Don’t wait to make yourself feel beautiful.

Stacy and Clinton will always be lurking in the back of my mind while shopping. Hopefully these tips help ya’ll to showcase your best selves.

Take care and talk to ya soon!



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