Are You Watering Your Grass?


Isn’t that a great twist on an old cliché?

Call me a cynic but I’ve never been a big a believer that my situation will be better if I move or change jobs or…whatever. Granted there are times when leaving is the best solution but I’d prefer to first make the best of wherever I am.

Volunteering is a great way to learn and engage, plus do good for not only yourself but others. I’m now a sign language interpreter but I started learning the language and culture while volunteering with the Deaf community. The nice thing about volunteering is that usually you’re joining a ready made group eager for your company! Plus, you’ll often get free training, score one for the Renaissance Chick on a Budget!

Something else I want to take more advantage of (in the best possible way!) is community events. Summer, at least here in the rainy NW, has the most opportunities to tangibly connect with ideas outside of ones own backyard.

For example, I recently went to my towns farmers market and happened upon the annual marathon being run that same day. Wow! Seeing all sizes, shapes, ages reaching the finish line was inspiring; one woman had two kids in a stroller and one on her back! Hello! 26 miles!

They also had a fitness fair with tents showing various product. I tried an…electric massager? You know those sticky patches that are stuck to shoulder muscles and and have wires connected to electricity?


At first it felt good, a low vibration in the muscle but then the pulses came. My shoulders raised up to the bottom of my ears absolutely independently…and repeatedly. To each their own but I was more than willing to yield the device to another curious bystander. But I was happy I tried it.

Seeing and trying new things is a way to water your own grass. So get out there and make your grass flourish! And let me know what you’re doing…I just may want to visit.



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