You’ve Got to…Express Yourself…

Collage piece using copy paper and paint
Collage piece using copy paper and paint
Paint on construction paper
Painting made the morning of my fathers funeral.
Painting made the morning of my fathers funeral.

Sometimes I help friends move into a new place and notice they don’t have anything to put on the walls. Now I’m all for the Minimalist vibe but knowing that’s not their style I ask them, ” So what are you gonna put up?”.

“Oh, I haven’t had time to buy anything yet.”

What the heck?

Museums occasionally showcase “Outsider Art” (pieces made by untrained artists) and its awesome! Whether they’re folksy paintings or wrought iron sculptures they’re an expression of their makers and are beautiful. These pieces often use just random bits of paint, metal, wood, or fabric.

Why are we nervous about expressing ourselves in a concrete way? Are we afraid we will look stupid or presumptuous ( “Who am I to make others look at the piece of crap I made”…sound familiar)? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for editing and highlighting your best work but why not give it a go? The act of creating something from nothing is amazing.

Above I posted a few paintings I’ve done and they are by no means fantastic but it feels great to have something hanging (in a back bedroom…I’m not THAT brave!) that I’ve made out of my own head. I use copy paper or newspaper and glue guns for collages or buy paint on sale and already used canvases bought cheap at thrift stores and then just paint over them. Check out online jewelry and craft creators for techniques or ideas too; you don’t have to use expensive beads, etc for supplies, wire and ribbon can look super cool together. Then showcase it!

Creating something brand new whether it be visual art, music, poetry, or a story opens possibilities within ourselves and connects us.

Like your mommy always said…share.



  1. Oh, you’re so right. I keep meaning to create something for our bare walls, but that fear creeps in- what if it’s no good? I need to get past this perfectionism and just do it!
    I love your artworks, by the way!

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