Thumbs Up for the Environment!

Do you imagine that environmentalists are just smelly people hanging out under the tree strumming their guitars?

Well, i found out it wasn’t so when I interpreted at part of Portland’s celebration of World Environment Day which was selected by the United Nations to host all of North America for the special day.

I couldn’t help but be proud that Portland is an outstanding leader and so well known for its environmental awareness and action. Several of the speakers noted Max light rail, a great bus system, bike lanes, and infrastructure enabling composting and recycling.

It was an invitation only event discussing the place higher education holds in creating a sustainable future and the importance of creating coalitions for progress. They gave numerous examples that showed working together effects the most progress. Interestingly, one speaker also explained that action on the city level rather than individual or national was the most productive.

The night ended with a partial showing of director, composer, and violinist Kenji Williams’ film, “Bella Gaia-Visualizations of Hotspots and Hopespots and Humanities Presence on Earth as Seen from Space” ( link provided above).

The film is worth watching. It takes about 13 minutes and is fascinating. There are views from space showing everything from earths oceans flow paths to worldwide air traffic to a 3D map comparing all the nations solar energy output.

Listening to the speakers hammer home the importance of partnerships made me consider if I could make more of a difference. Look to a future blog for ideas…or give your own in the comments below!

Hope you enjoy the film!


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