Sprung Spring!


Yes, I know spring arrived awhile back but every time I pass my tiny herb garden I must run my fingers through its leaves and then I do a little jig inside.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, spring is dependable in its undependability. This year we had gorgeous sun for a week or so in early May but the weather has reverted back to the well known cloudy with a chance of showers…or maybe sun breaks.

During that sunny week I threw caution to the wind and bought and planted my herbs. Actually, I still had two plants that had wintered over, oregano and lemon thyme. The oregano had not only wintered over but doubled and was so entrenched in the soil I had to get a carving knife and cut, then rip the plant in two! I do feel bad about that but both plants are doing great and now I have a nice hostess gift for an herb lover.

As for the two other herbs, after first supplementing the pot with fertilized potting soil, I planted pineapple sage and fennel. I haven’t used either before so I look forward to any ideas ya’ll can give me!

In my other pot, mustard greens and nasturtium seeds are percolating. The continuing spring showers with occasional sun breaks are hopefully helping them along.

I can’t wait to harvest!


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